To taste Bhutan dish


Food of Bhutan is simple, yet delicious. On first impression, the cooking method would suggest that the food is bland, but the reality is just opposite. The Bhutanese prepare yummy appetising food with their simple methods. With their food, they can make the guests licking their fingers. The Bhutanese are also fond of eating Tibetan specialities such as momo and noodles.

Spicy chillies(ema) mixed with cheese sauce called emadatshe is the national dish of Bhutan. Chillies are treated as vegetable rather than a seasoning in the Bhutanese dish. a wide variety of fresh vegetables are a daily staple of Bhutanese diet.

Bhutanese professional chefs temper their natural tendency to over spice dishes by preparing food more suitable to western taste ranging from Continental to Chinese. Bhutanese, tibetan and Indian cuisines are also available.