About Agent

About The agents

Druk GNH Destiny Tours & Travels agency is the private agency which is owned by Mr. Sonam Yonten as a CEO of the agency, who had served as a teacher in many schools for eleven years holding Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching History and English, who had resigned to operate an agency to give better choice for the tourists to visit Bhutan.

The speciality of Druk GNH Destiny Tours & Travels agency will take our clients to experience the true essence of Gross National Happiness that exists in the nook and corners of the Kingdom. The agency will take you to the most unexplored  parts of the Kingdom,  and we will show you the age old tradition, culture and festivals which one would appreciate on witnessing it. The other special offer that we make to the clients will be the religious discourse and mind training activities by inviting highly learned Khempo, lama and Rinpoche based on the client’s interest.

Symbolic Representation of Our LOGO

Druk GNH Destiny Tours &Travels envisions in enfolding a vision-packed philosophy of Gross National Happiness (also known by the acronym: GNH) through a holistic and sustainable approach to development, which balances material and non-material well-being of our nation.

Dragon flying upright in the yellow and orange world represents the kingdom of Bhutan. The color yellow signifies king and spiritual rulers of the country showing rays of peace and happiness to the people of the Kingdom. Orange represents Buddhism as the main religion of the kingdom that nurtures people’s mind to coexist at harmony. The travelers walking in towards the dragon shows that people around the world has found the way into the land of Gross National Happiness’ destiny.